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Have fun serving your community a quick-serve, frozen treat menu that is handcrafted, healthier, and made fresh daily. Enjoy the freedom of serving almost anywhere!

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no fees

No Fees or Royalties

Typical franchises take up to 9% of YOUR SALES!

expert support

Expert Support

Our team has 70+ years of restaurant experience. Be in business for yourself, not by yourself.

high margins

Higher Net Profit Margins

Higher profit margins than most traditional storefront restaurants.

healthier menu

A healthier diverse menu

Simple recipes using our exclusive yogurt and non-dairy products provide many popular choices in bowls, cones, smoothies, shakes, and floats. Extensive beverage merchandising display, too!

We guide you every step of the way!


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Enjoy big savings with exclusive peachwave pricing!

At $78,900* (excl. optional generator, taxes and shipping), our fully outfitted mobile kitchen will cost you up to 20% less than if self-sourced (up to $17,000 of value). Peachwave does not mark-up the kitchen in order to keep your start-up costs as low as possible and to accelerate your investment payback.

You own all assets. Lease-to-own is available for well-qualified credit. Rest assured with equipment backed by national service and warranties from long-trusted manufacturers.
*Actual equipment pricing is subject to change and is finalized prior to entering into our asset purchase agreement.

Mobile Trailer Features




  • Compliance with local health department & regulatory code
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved finishes
  • Breaker panel including 220V
  • LED interior work lights
  • Plumbing: Stainless 3-compartment sink + handwash sink, 8 gal instant hot water heater, 43 gallon fresh water and 96 gal waste water tanks, floor drain
  • Storage: Mounted cabinets & abundant shelf storage
  • Flooring: Slip-resistant, waterproof, and bacterial/chemical resistant
  • Two stainless steel tables with under shelf storage
  • Two Taylor Freezer machines (#1 in America) with delivery, start-up training, 1-year warranty, and nationwide service capability
  • Two refrigerators
  • POS hardware, software, set-up training, credit card processing services w/Peachwave negotiated rates, 24/7 technical support, 36-month 0% financing available
  • Branded loyalty and gift card program capability
  • Remote sales monitoring and reporting
  • Optional Inside / outside wireless security camera system w/ night vision, motion sensing
  • Vitamix commercial smoothie blender
  • Waring commercial immersion blender
  • Towel and soap dispensers
  • Janitorial supplies
  • Measuring supplies, containers, utensils




  • Trusted manufacturing craftsmanship since 2006 w/ OEM and assembly warranty
  • Compliance with local health department & other regulatory code
  • 50A power inlet, 25' power cord
  • LED lighting: 2 backlit menu boards, branded and lit marquee awning, 4-sided outdoor lighting, lit beverage merchandising display, USDOT towing lights w/ wire harness
  • Insulated aluminum walls
  • Tongue leveler and rear stabilizer jacks
  • Screened service window, double door entry w/ window and screen
  • Full, premium brand designed graphics wrap w/customization options
  • Dometic 15K BTU A/C & heat w/ nationwide service and 2-year warranty
  • Optional Powertech 12KW generator built specifically for mobile food units and continuous power supply

High Margins + Low Operating Costs = fast payback and exciting income potential!

So, no need to work hard all year long or bow to unseasonable weather to reach your goals.

Our compact, stand-alone, and vibrant mobile kitchen allows you to sell tasty treats in many varying locations or venues. Events are great, but highly visible, fixed locations can expand the numbers of selling days even further!

  Busy Parks

  Unused but highly visible land

  Food truck courts

  Tourist attractions

  Entertainment and event venues

  Restaurant outdoor expansion

  Farmers markets

  School and college Campuses

How fast do my mobile kitchen assets investment payback?

Your Mobile Kitchen and its onboard equipment costs are $67,900 to $79,900. The number of days you plan on selling and the quality of traffic at your sales locations greatly determines how quickly your investment pays you back. But, when compared to many businesses, far less sales days and daily sales amounts are required to get a fast payback because of high product profit margin, no brand fees/royalties, and low kitchen operating expenses!

Annual Sales Days

Annual Net Op Income*

Example Return on Investment %

Example Payback Years



54 - 67%

1.5 - 1.8



73 - 0%

1.1 - 1.4



91 - 113%

0.9 - 1.1



109 - 135%

0.7 - 0.9

*Assumes avg $750/day sales, 8 operating hrs/day, wages $10.50 - $12.50/hr, $30/day site rent included on-site electrical + water, no financing, excludes commissary, storage, towing vehicle, advertising, taxes and other misc local fees as the necessity and/or costs vary greatly by location and owner situation. $9,500 to $15,500 of start-up costs unrelated to tangible equipment assets excluded (i.e. working capital, inventory, travel, deposits, business licenses, and permits costs).

*Assumes avg $750/day sales, 8 opterating hrs/day, wages $10-$12/hr, $25/day site rent included on-site electrical + water, no financing, excludes commissary, storage, towing vehicle, advertising, taxes and other misc local fees as these costs vary greatly by location and owner situation.




“This was an opportunity to join with a team that are experts at helping us grow our business”

russ and julie

Russ and Julie

New Jersey

“You're not paying all the fees.....but still getting the same level of support you would get from a typical franchise”


Paul and Michelle


“We love the freedom and financial stability we can have”


No franchise fees or royalties? How does Peachwave make money?

The benefits of Peachwave’s licensing model versus franchising are huge. Unlike typical yogurt / ice cream franchises that charge their franchisees up to 9% of their total sales, we don’t charge any royalty or franchise fees. That’s right … literally $0!

You see, we make money by selling our Licensees Peachwave’s proprietary products at bona-fide wholesale prices. So, ultimately Peachwave only makes money if our licensees are successfully selling products that they buy from us. We are proud of our history of doing business this way since 2009.

What type of sales, marketing, and operations support do I get?

Since we make money only if you successfully retail Peachwave products, we put our 70+ years of team experience to work for you to provide: 

  • Extensive training and consulting programs for your path to opening, launch, and on-going
  • Access to our online library of graphics, tools, checklists, and training toolkits plus videos 
  • Modern technology such as remote sales and security monitoring, loyalty program, gift cards, 24/7 POS support, industry-leading payment processing and rates
  • Best-practice sharing from our network of existing stores that operate across the U.S. and the Caribbean 
  • Equipment support and warranties from our network of leading manufacturers

What type of locations can I place the mobile kitchen to do business?

In general, mobile food kitchens are very flexible in regard to the places that you can sell. That is why the industry has surpassed $1B with continued growth. It is helpful to find primary day-to-day location(s) in addition to popular events to maximize your selling days. More sales days usually lead to more profit which means a faster payback of your investment. In short, you will be “fishing where the fish are”! Don’t like your sales trend? Explore a new place.

Our Peachwave mobile kitchen is compact (8.6 ft x 10.5 ft), completely wrapped with eye-catching graphics, well-lit inside and out, and has A/C and heat which allows an even greater amount of placements through seasons. It’s designed as a trailer, so you won’t have to close your business or be stuck somewhere if automotive mechanical issues arise that are typical of food trucks. This mobile kitchen can also be equipped with an outboard generator and has sizable fresh / waste water tanks to allow sales at locations that do not offer 50 amp power hookup or fresh / waste water hookups.

Local regulations continue to evolve regarding mobile kitchens and placements. The Peachwave team will help ensure that you identify and evaluate local requirements, if any.

What’s on the mobile kitchen menu?

Have fun serving your community almost anywhere with a quick-serve, frozen treat menu that is handcrafted, healthier, and made-fresh daily. The menu consists of simple, Peachwave proprietary recipes using our non-fat yogurt and non-dairy mixes that provide a big variety of popular flavor choices in bowls, cones, smoothies, and floats. Our unique and illuminated bottled beverage customer facing display creates another great variety of high margin products to sell, too!

How much does it cost to purchase a mobile kitchen and what do I get?

After you have entered into a brand License Agreement to sell Peachwave products, you will purchase a turnkey mobile kitchen from Peachwave. You own the mobile kitchen and all of its listed equipment! Starting at $78,900 (excl. optional generator, taxes and shipping), our fully outfitted kitchen will cost you up to 20% less than if you were to self-source its construction and contents (up to $17,000 of value). Peachwave does not mark-up the costs of the mobile kitchen in order to keep your start-up costs as low as possible which accelerates your investment payback. Overall, Peachwave Mobile Kitchen Licensees enjoy savings benefits from our pre-negotiated manufacturer and supplier relationship pricing.

Please refer to the website section above titled “Enjoy big savings with Exclusive Peachwave Pricing” for a detailed list of the extensive interior and exterior equipment, components, and features included in your Mobile Kitchen by Peachwave.

Who manufactures and assembles the mobile kitchen?

Peachwave has partnered with highly reputable and market leading companies to incorporate mutual expertise into an exclusive and optimally priced mobile kitchen design. Our trusted assembly and equipment partners stand-by decades of proven workmanship with warranties and ready-to-support service.

Besides the cost of purchasing the mobile kitchen, what other start-up costs should I plan for?

For non-tax / registration related costs, we typically recommend $9,500 to $15,500 for additional start-up expenses prior to launch. These costs are in addition to the purchase of the mobile kitchen and it’s equipment. Examples of these costs include estimates for training travel, security deposits, set-up fees, initial food and supply inventory, uniforms, legal services, insurance, local permits and licenses, and general working capital.

State / local taxes and registration rates can vary greatly related to your mobile kitchen purchase. Depending on whether a generator is purchased with your kitchen, we estimate between $4,500 to $6,500 for these costs.

It’s important to note that you will need to establish a personalized budget for all actual local costs. For budgeting, you will also need to consider your individual circumstances to determine costs related to towing vehicle, storage, commissary, delivery method / distance from assembly location to final destination, and need for onboard generator purchase. Peachwave will provide guidance in this effort, but ultimately licensees are responsible to complete their own local cost identification diligence.

Is financing available?

Peachwave does not directly provide financing. However, we have a preferred leasing partner for licensee’s with well-qualified credit to which we can refer you. We encourage and support our licensee’s efforts to secure competitive local financing options, whenever possible.

How long does it take to receive a mobile kitchen?

Within days of your mobile kitchen order placement, you will receive an estimated ready date. You will be kept up-to-date routinely on the progress (including pictures) and final completion date of your mobile kitchen. We will then work with you to set a date for inspection, acceptance, and training with a highly-qualified Peachwave team member in Florida. You will choose from self-pickup or 3rd party transport options to receive your mobile kitchen at your final destination. Delivery timing can vary depending on your choice for transportation and your final destination location.

What type of vehicle is needed to move the Mobile Kitchen?

The mobile kitchen fully-equipped and reasonably stocked estimated GVWR is approximately 7,000 lbs. The estimated tongue weight is under 2,000 lbs with a generator, full fuel tank, reasonably stocked, and ⅔ full water tanks. Licensee’s are responsible to consult with their vehicle dealership or manufacturer to determine their vehicle towing specifications and compatible hitch towing capabilities.

The GVWR can vary greatly depending on key factors such as whether there is an onboard generator, amount of generator fuel, the amount of supplies stocked and location of the supplies in the kitchen, the amount of water in the fresh / waste water holding tanks, and any customization to meet your local health department requirements. Your mobile kitchen’s GVWR and tongue weight will be determined after its assembly completion generally with full water / fuel tanks and a minimal level of supplies. Mobile kitchen weights provided here are for guidance only and shall not be considered complete, accurate, and final in any respect until you are sent your Certificate of Origin for the specific mobile kitchen you have purchased

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